3.9. Advertising

Your Alexa skill will be rejected by the Amazon Alexa team if it includes or otherwise surfaces advertising or promotional messaging in skill responses, notifications, or reminders. 

There are specific exceptions that Amazon Alexa team will allow in skill responses:

  • Streaming music, streaming radio, podcast, and flash briefing skills may include audio advertisements as long as 
    • 1. the advertisements do not use Alexa’s voice, Amazon Polly voices, or a similar voice, refer to Alexa, or imitate Alexa interactions and 
    • 2. the skill does not include more or materially different advertising than is included when the same or similar content is made available outside of Alexa.
  • Skills that allow customers to order products or services may include audio messaging promoting those products or services.
  • Skills may include audio messaging informing customers of promotional offers or deals in response to specific requests from customers.
  • Skills that are specifically designed to promote a product or service may include audio messaging promoting that product or service.

The Amazon Alexa team reserves the right to reject or suspend any skill that includes advertising or promotional messaging they determine is misleading or confusing, results in a poor customer experience, or is otherwise inappropriate.