3.6. Trademarks, Intellectual Property, and Brands

Please, before sending your Alexa skill for the Amazon approval make sure that:

a. It does not imply sponsorship or endorsement by Amazon or otherwise mischaracterizes the relationship with Amazon.

b. It does not use the image or likeness of an Amazon device as part of the skill icon.

c. It does not infringe the intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademark and publicity rights) of a third party.

d. It does not purport to be affiliated with a company or brand but is not the official skill of that company or brand.

If your Alexa skill makes legitimate use of trademarks, intellectual property, or brands, you must clearly indicate that you have permission to use these, and provide proof, when you submit your skill for certification such as proof of trademark registration or a license agreement with the rights owner. 

With this information, the certification team will be able to determine if your skill has the necessary permissions.

You can send this documentation by following this steps:

  1. login on Ipervox.com
  2. click on your skills
  3. choose the skill of interest, after you choose the skill a menu bar will be shown on the left
  4. click on details
  5. click on edit (under actions)
  6. scroll down to testing instructions
  7. we need to write the instructions to the Alexa team, e.g .:
  • for the invocation name here you can find the documentation
  • you have to put the link of the document that the Alexa team will download. This link can be
    • A) a pdf uploaded to google drive (remember to put the display settings to the public for those who own the link)
    • B) or a pdf uploaded to any other hosting service to share documents
  1. then you need to click on save
  2. and submit the Alexa skill for publishing

For more information: Policy Testing