1.1 Tutorial – How to create your first Alexa Skill with Ipervox

Create your first Amazon Alexa Skill with Ipervox. Your audience can listen to your contents using voice commands. It takes just a few minutes.


To get started go to https://app.ipervox.com/free/create

Step 1 – Content #

Here you can choose the kind of content that your audience will listen to. You can upload different content every day.

There are 4 ways to upload the content:

1. You can import your content from an RSS feed via link (podcast or blog).

2. Write a text and then Alexa, with her voice, will read your text at the audience (no matter how long the text is). After you write the text Click on Play text to test it.

3. You have the opportunity to upload audio and in this way, your audience will listen directly to your audio content. After you upload the audio, Click on Play to test it.

4. You can import your content from a a radio streaming url.

Step 2 – Voice Command #

Here is the part of choosing the voice command of your Alexa skill.

  • How do you want your Alexa Skill to be activated?
  • What your audience must ask Alexa in such a way that launch your Alexa Skill?

Try to find a nice voice command that the audience can easily remember. All content that you will upload will be launched with this voice command.

The voice command must contain 2 words.

Note: You also have the opportunity to choose the language. The language must be the same as the status of your Amazon account. If you have amazon.com or .uk then the language must be English. If you have an Amazon.es account then the language must be Spanish. You don’t have to choose Italian if your amazon account is .com or .uk or .es because it won’t work.

Step 3 – Connect your Amazon Account #

You have reached the third step needed to create your Alexa Skill. To proceed you must have an Amazon account because Alexa skills can be created only by Amazon users. If you don’t have an Amazon account you have to create it.

Step 4 – Enable Amazon Developer Account #

This is the most important part. In order to activate an Alexa Skill on the Alexa platform, Amazon needs the activation of your account as a Developer. It is an Amazon requirement.

Follow these steps:

– Click the Enable button

– It will take you to the Official Amazon Developer page

– After activating the developer account come back to proceed with the next stephttps://player.vimeo.com/video/404049879

Note: Required time 1 minute.

Enter all the data required by Amazon.

– Company name: here you can also input your full name (You don’t need a company to enable the account developer)

– Company phone number: You can enter your personal phone number

– Company email address: You can enter your personal or company email

After you have entered all the data click on Submit

Now select the categories you are interested in and click the button: Continue completing your profile.


Now you can turn to Ipervox to test your Alexa Skill.

Step 5 – Building #

After enable your Amazon developer account and you press on check account button, it will automatically start building your skill.

After building your voice app goes 100% it will immediately activate the Next button and you can proceed to the next step.

Step 6 – Testing #

This is the funniest part. You can now test your Alexa Skill choosing between 2 ways to know if it works:

  1. If you have Amazon Echo device choose the first option and click on Next button
  2. If you don’t have Alexa device, but you have already installed the Alexa app on your smartphone, then choose a smartphone option and click Next button

After you tested successfully your Alexa Skill, click on the Next button, otherwise, if you do not test it with one of the options indicated, the system will not allow you to proceed.

Step 7 – Content Confirmation #

This page will come out asking you if you are ready to publish the skill. Do not worry, after clicking the Next button you will go to the page where you can check and edit your content.

When you are sure about the content you can click on the Confirm button to proceed with next Step

Step 8 – Description #

Now that you are ready to publish your first Alexa Skill you can insert some information to make it discoverable. Describe how your voice application will appear in the Amazon Alexa store.

You have to enter this information:

  • Public name: the name of the Alexa Skill that will be shown to customers in the store
  • Description: a brief description of what customers can do with your Alexa Skill
  • Voice activation command: the voice command that allows your users to launch you Alexa Skill
  • Category: the category that best describes your Alexa Skill
  • Logo: use an eye-catching image that describes your Alexa Skill at first sight

Step 9 – Publication #

This is the last chance to modify your Alexa Skill before publishing it. If you don’t need to edit anything click the Publish Button